What is the BoatCase?


The BoatCase is a decorative book or display case for your home.  It can be placed in the living room, dining room, bedroom, or even the garage. However, it has a second purpose as a life-saving vessel to get you and your family to safety during a flooding situation. The BoatCase will come equipped with two life jackets, two paddles and 50 feet of rope. These items are hidden while the BoatCase is used as a bookcase.


What can BoatCase do for you?


The BoatCase can hold up to two people and their gear, not to exceed 500lbs. If you live in a flood zone or in an area that has seen multiple hurricane activities over the past few years, the BoatCase is a must. There should be one BoatCase for every two people in your home.

The BoatCase should be an integral part of your household's flood preparedness plan.

”From Accident to Innovation”

St Mary’s County Innovator and Entrepreneur Recognized in Nation’s Capitol


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BoatCase Incorporated Named NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador!

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