About The BoatCase

The BoatCase is designed to be used primarily as a book or display case. However, when the need arises it can be used as a vessel to get you and your family to safety. 

About the BoatCase

  • Holds up to 500 lbs of people and gear

  • Two shelves are removable and become seats

    • Storage under the seats for extra gear​ and supplies

  • Comes with 2 life-jackets, 2 telescopic paddles, 50' reflective rope, stored hidden in the Bottom Cubby

    • Rope 1 has a pull handle, so someone is able to pull the BoatCase through the water​

    • Rope 2 has carabiner clips on the ends to attach multiple BoatCases together during an emergency

    • Rope 3 is additional rope for any further needs

  • The BoatCase has attachment points on the front and rear to attach multiple units

Test Points

The BoatCase has been rigorously tested to ensure it works in the harshest of environments.

Below are a few of our tests conducted:

  • Successfully floated 24 hours in the water loaded with 200 lbs of bricks​

  • Bricks (25 lbs each) dropped into the BoatCase to determine durability

  • Successfully remained afloat after being filled with water (See Video, "Trying to sink the BoatCase")

  • Drop tested multiple times on concrete and was still able to float and hold 500 lbs with no issues

  • Traveled over 1/2 mile loaded with 500 lbs, with no issues

  • Loaded each shelf with over 50 lbs

  • Tested the Anti-Tipping Strap to its breaking point

  • Multiple BoatCases attached via front and rear latches with the reflective rope

Your BoatCase will arrive in two sections. Light assembly required.


Size and Make Up

  • 94" height x 36" wide x 16" deep

  • 110 lbs

  • Material: Premium birch wood

  • Water-proof and weather resistant paints, glues, resins and sealers

  • Stained trim

  • Each BoatCase is handcrafted to order


Color Options

See BoatCase Color/Stain Matrix in the images to determine the options that fit your decor.


Available Colors: 

Bay Waves (A light Gray)

Lake Country (A blue/green)

Noir (Black)

Pale Bloom (Cream)

Simply Coral 


Available Trim Stains: (The cubby door can be stained or painted, based on your preference)

Colonial Maple


English Chestnut

Dark Walnut

(Full Stain Option - The entire BoatCase

may be stained in the above options)


  • Each BoatCase is custom made in the USA upon order. See the BoatCase Color/Stain Matrix to select the various options to fit your specific decor. Leave a note as to which color/stain combination you would prefer. Please allow up to 30 days for delivery, as we at BoatCase Inc. take our time with each order to ensure it passes our rigorous quality control process. This ensures when it arrives, you will have the highest quality product possible.

  • The BoatCase will be shipped via UPS Freight (within the lower 48 states). A tracking number will be provided after the item has shipped out . All shipments are FULLY INSURED.

  • If shipping is to be to Alaska or Hawaii, or any other part of the world, please contact me, as additional shipping charges may be incurred. 

  • Packing: The BoatCase is securely attached to a small pallet and wrapped with tri-wall cardboard and foam. 


  • We accept PayPal (which includes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and e-checks). Payment is expected within 7 days after purchasing. 

  • International Buyers please contact us directly for orders.

Refund Policy

  • 100% money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Life-Jackets, Paddles and Reflective Rope 


      Front/Top Latch                  Bottom/Rear Latch

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