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Where were you during Hurricane Katrina in 2005?

Have family members told you about the Great Mississippi River flood of 1927? 

What about Hurricane Camille in 1969?

Have you heard about the flood in Ellicott City, Maryland in 2018?

Even if you choose to not purchase the BoatCase, we want to hear from you and know your story. Please, send pictures and tell us about your flood experience. We would like to post them here and share with others who may likewise have similar experiences. Our goal is to not only sell the BoatCase, but to promote flood preparedness and awareness.

Give me a call...I would love to chat about your experience and figure out how we can help others!



-This brings back terrifying memories of hurricane Gaston in 2004. 

In all of my time of living in Virginia, I have never known Richmond to flood. I was in my car with my then two year old son. We were heading back into town on I-64, and it was a virtual parking lot. I decided to take get off and take Route-60 for hope of better luck. As we inched closer to downtown the water level began to rise. At first just a few inches and seemingly out of nowhere my car was surrounded by water. As the water got higher, the car died and would not restart. Water then started to come into the car. I was so terrified! My only thought was to get my son and myself out and get onto the roof. We managed to roll the window down and we climbed onto the roof as the water rushed by. We waited for what seemed like an eternity. I was trying to keep calm and assure my son everything would be OK. It was through the help of good Samaritans with pick-up trucks that came to our rescue.

I don't know if the BoatCase could have made a difference in that situation, but it pays to be prepared. Great job with this product!

- Angie

  Richmond, VA

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